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Amazon Echo

The new Echo, which until now was simply known as the completely new Eco, since the original Echo no longer exists in the Amazon world, comes with a smaller design and simple; better aesthetics; supposedly improved sound; and, most importantly, a significantly lower price of $ 99.After expanding the line with the smallest and most popular Echo Dot, the most expensive but less exciting portable Tap with battery and Echo Show, Amazon has finally returned and updated the original Echo. 

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Alexa has been answering questions, turning on smart lights, adding things to shopping lists, ordering things from Amazon and playing music for millions of people. The echo essentially established the smart speaker market, which now has entries from Google, Microsoft and, soon, Apple.In the last three years, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has been invading homes inside the Echo smart speaker case.

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If you’ve been waiting to buy one because the original $ 180 cost kept you away, or you’re looking for a second Echo for yourself or as a gift, the new Echo is a much easier purchase to make.That lower price is the main attraction for the new Echo.


If you already have a 1st generation model, it does not make much a sense to replace it with the new Echo, it does not earn sufficient with it and, in some cases, it yields a little.But apart from its smaller design and its new customizable appearance, the new Echo is not very different from the first model. He still performs all the same tasks, he can still hear his activation word from the other side of the room, and he still does not have the great audio quality to listen to music.

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However, thanks to that new and lower price, the new Echo should be as attractive and attractive as the first Echo and will likely keep Amazon at the forefront of the world of smart speakers.

That should make it a little easier to climb onto a shelf or hide in a corner of the living room or kitchen.The most obvious visual difference between the new Echo and its predecessor is the size of the device. Where the first size and shape of the Eco was similar to a can of Pringles or tennis balls, the new model is more like a can of Foster’s beer. It is low and robust, approximately two thirds higher than the first model, but with a slightly larger diameter.

The black plastic finish of the first model (and, finally, the white one) gave the device an ominous obelisk environment that did nothing to diminish the feelings of Big Brother that accompany an Internet-connected device that always listens at home.Echo’s new interchangeable decorative shells are also designed so that the device integrates better with your home. In contrast, the new model comes with a fabric cover in a variety of grays (basically dark gray, medium gray or gray) that is more attractive to the eye and should look better in a modern decor.


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You can also buy several shells to change the look of the Echo, including finishes in silver gray, walnut or oak. But since the shells are made of plastic and not of real wood or metal, none of the optional decorative covers looks as good as the standard fabric for me.



The new Echo has the same number of far-field microphones to pick up voice commands (seven), but Amazon says it has a second-generation technology that has improved over the first model.The simplified design of the new Echo interchanges the rotating volume ring for plus and minus buttons, as found in the Echo Dot. I have not noticed a significant improvement in my tests, however, the new Echo listens to me almost as well as the previous model. Most of the time, he listens to me on the first try, even when the music is playing, although from time to time I have to repeat the word, Alexa. It is not better or worse than Google Home or Harman Kardon Invoke in this regard. They work just as well, and since most of the time I adjust the volume of the Echo with voice commands, I do not miss the ring.


This works the same as in the smaller Echo Dot and makes it easy to add voice control to your existing stereo equipment.The other new feature with this Echo is the ability to send your audio to a larger speaker or stereo system through a 3.5mm auxiliary cable or Bluetooth.

6-inch tweeter sound better.5-inch Echo subwoofer and the 0. But on the tests side by side, I did not find that the new Echo sounded better than the previous model, and to listen to music, I actually preferred the sound of the first Echo.Inside, Amazon has added Dolby sound processing in an effort to make the sound better.


That’s good to hear that Alexa responds to you, or to cut off the rumble of an open tap if you’re using the echo in a kitchen.The sound of the new Echo is sharper, with more treble than the first model. The old model had a softer sound with a little more bass that is much more pleasant to listen to. But for music, the sound is thin and flat, with even less bass than before.

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Almost needless to say, then, that the new echo does not sound as good as the Google Home or anywhere near Harman Kardon Invoke or Sonos One. Most people will be happy with the sound quality that I listen to informally, but since it is the area that complains most about the first model, I would like to have seen more improvements here. It’s not as powerful or fun to listen as some portable Bluetooth speakers, like the JBL Charge 3 or UE Boom 2. That’s a little disappointing, given that Amazon admits that the most common thing that people do with the Echo is to listen to music.


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