Best ulo Interactive Owl Security Camera Review

Ulo Camera Review

When you leave the house, Ulo will automatically send GIF updates to your inbox or you can tune the application to live to view. With an owl design, this smart device even has eyes to focus on the environment. By communicating and interacting with you through the expressions of the eye, Ulo can convey a variety of messages. The rechargeable battery allows Ulo to last up to a week.Get security in your home 24 hours a day, whether you are at home or not with Ulo, the interactive surveillance camera. The eyes, which you can customize for color, size, and shape, provide an elegant LCD screen. The peak is actually a two-way mirror with a camera and a motion detector. Beneath the bill is a microscopic microphone. Inside there is a speaker, an orientation sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, and everything is covered with a capacitive button. Even if Ulo looks cute, there are many surveillance technologies inside.


6 million euros from 8,330 donors in 60 days.Over the years I have seen many excellent cameras, but none of them say more genial or more bizarre than Ulo, the interactive camera that looks like an owl. This is a great success for a Kickstarter campaign, and it has also helped them achieve their eight goals. Ulo was launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. It has raised more than 1.


It is an owl with eyes, picks, and special characteristics. In fact, it is more than a camera.There is no doubt that Ulo’s design is what makes the camera special.

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Do you know how they say the eyes tell a story? Well, Ulo has stories to tell. Ulo is designed to look like an owl, complete with a large pair of eyes. The eyes are actually two LCD screens used to display expressions reflecting different situations.

  • Ulo squints when someone or any Person is watching the live video feed.
  • It appears drowsy and tired when the battery Level is below 10%.
  • It blinks his eyes when you take a snapshot.
  • And  This one is my favorite, it follows your Body movement.


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To make it even softer, you can customize the size of the Ulo pupil and iris, the color of the iris or the reflection of the eye.



The camera is hidden behind Ulo’s beak, which is a two-way mirror. The spout also hides the motion sensor and is just above the microphone. Above the head of Ulo is a capacitive touch button that you can use to turn on or off the device or put it in Alert mode.


In the back of the device, you will find the speaker and ports for charging. And thanks to massive donor support, Ulo will be impermeable. With this, you can use Ulo for external purposes.


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Ulo’s Eyesight in HD Format and Home Security Ability to capture the image.


Let’s not forget that Ulo is also a security camera. Its image and video quality, as well as its features, are very important.


The original plan was to make Ulo with a 720p HD resolution, but this was changed to 1080p FHD, 30fps after reaching an extensible goal. The camera lacks night vision but can see in low light situations. It also has motion detection capabilities and offers a 110 ° field of view. In addition, he will also be able to recognize your face.


Using the iOS or Android app, you can access live video. This is one of the best ways to make sure everything is fine during your absence. If you find something interesting by looking at the feed, you can take a snapshot.


Ulo also includes three modes: standard, spy, and alert. Using the \Alert\ mode, which you can turn on by tapping the head twice or using the mobile app, Ulo will start monitoring the movement. He also uses your phone to find out if you are present or not. For example, if your phone is on the go, it assumes that you are at home and will do its miérèvre animations for you. However, once your phone leaves the scene, his eyes close in order to avoid drawing attention to himself, as a stealth mode. If something happens while you’re away, it will send you an animated GIF on your phone to let you know.

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The Ulo team has also begun to share how features such as facial recognition affect Ulo’s behavior. For example, if the camera recognizes you, it comes alive as happy. I also hope that this feature will improve the ability of the device to provide home security. Other cameras that offer facial recognition, such as Netatmo, use the function to arm and disarm. If he sees your face, he will not register you, but if you are at home with someone he does not recognize, he might choose to record. This is also useful for those who do not have smartphones because it does not depend on the detection of the presence of a phone. Will Ulo work in the same way? TBD. We know that Ulo will have the ability to detect multiple faces at the same time. We also know that facial recognition will allow automatic login, but everything else is to be determined.


Control UI

Fortunately, you do not have to be a bird trainer to control Ulo. All you need is a smartphone, a smartwatch or your computer. If you’re an Android or iOS user, simply download the companion app that contains everything you need to control the camera, or you can use the web interface. The features available through the mobile application and web portal are the same. Some of the features available through the mobile application include:

  • Ability to swap between two modes.
  •  you can Remote control and access the cam from your device from anywhere.
  • Access to live streaming video over the internet at any device.
  • It has the ability to take snapshots during video capturing.
  •  you can access to multiple Ulos at the same time from the same device.
  • Its a very limited feature access for Apple Watch users.



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